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Select- Resolve - Anticipate

Communicate directly and expand your business. Targeted public relations initiated through creative campaigns.

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How We Succeed

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Customer Relations & Understanding Your Audience

Passionate for community-first initiatives, we are face to face with clients & customers.

Creative campaigning & personal communication is the strongest tool in bringing your business to your customer

Expanding Your Reach

High personal engagement delivers a real commercial advantage to our clients. Our targeted campaigns offer quality results, bringing strong usable  data & broadened communication.

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Reporting & Documentation

Property Law and Conditions Triage tops our list of specialities. We generate informative documented reports , necessary for efficiency, productivity and consistency. All capable of cutting costs and delivering better results.

How Conditions Assessments Change Lives


Happy Customers

3.1 Billion

Mould Spores Eradicated


Saved Avoiding Litigation Per Year

Unfortunately, damp and mould truly affect many thousands of people in the UK every year. For those requiring assistance from housing association or local council, the source of the mould is hard to kill and an expensive solution is employed to mask the issues. Each year, and especially since 2019, councils & housing associations are held liable for millions of pounds in failing to maintain or tackle this issue.

The following table shows a Freedom of Information request to district/county councils and some housing associations for their yearly costs (2019) -

We provide key indicators to help with your media, communications and planning. From supply of comprehensive triage assessment reports, to generating multiple follow-up leads, we will consult in a professional and effective manner.
Our knowledge of property law enables us to assess at the root of the issues, while advising on implications of failure to comply, whereby litigation may be avoided and long-term cost savings are manifested.



Our Services

We make PR easy, so you’ll get a better service at a better price. 

For businesses and organisations to succeed, its vital to work with a pioneering team that truly understands social, economic and media impact and all its elements. We have combined trained creative-thinking teams with digital media expertise to deliver your objectives.


Select - Resolve - Anticipate

  • raise multiple leads

  • canvass targeted areas

  • produce cost-effective campaigns

  • represent your business or entity

  • avoid litigation

  • collect vital information

Specialist Teams with skills in Asset Management.


Our Specialist Team are adept at dealing with:

  • Disrepair Claims, including surveying, report writing and liaising with legal and construction colleagues.

  • Minor and major disrepair

  • Specialist works requiring multiple skills, such as timber infestations, rodent entry and floor replacement

Expansive Reach

We develop solutions for our clients’ communication needs, from managing a single targeted campaign to a comprehensive multi-level lead generating campaign.

Our network of independent agency partners is experienced, connected, and always deliver.

A snapshot of SNAP

  • Passionate for community-first initiatives

  • Results driven experts in communications

  • Independent and impartial PR

  • Connects businesses with their target audience

  • Generates endorsement and engagement

  • Delivers real commercial advantage for our clients

  • Specialists in property law & premises maintenance

  • Coaching the audience in best practice

  • Outstanding reports delivered with relevant and useful information & media


Conducting property triage to assess liable maintenance, assigned with high quality reports to ensure singular works visits & avoidance of litigation


Working for brands & businesses, offering powerful campaigns and targeted engagement. Customer relations & personal engagement bring more to your business

Assessment & Support

Comprehensive survey reports offer consistently crucial data. Our reports & records ensure higher efficiency and productivity, for a better price.

How We Work

  • Consultancy:

Meetings, presentations and preproduction are charged at a daily rate:

£200 pd per scheduled meeting or presentation

£150 pd pre-and post-campaign.


  • Campaigns:

Tier 1 – Public Bodies, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Promoters

Team of four, full digital reports, lead generation with contact details, print media canvassing, assessment triage, corporate uniform and ID.

Includes transport.

£1800 pd


Tier 2 – Small & Medium sized businesses, Landlords, Developers, Market Researchers

Team of two, lead generation with contact details, leaflet canvassing, uniform and ID. Includes transport.

£900 pd


Tier 3 – Small and Micro Businesses, Local Initiatives, Charities

Team of two, full leaflet canvassing, some lead generation, uniform and ID. Includes transport.

£500 pd


  • Leaflet prices: (optional)

Single side A5 recycled full colour

Design and Print £120 per 1000

Thereafter £68 per 1000 run


Double sided A5 recycled three colour

Design and Print £200 per 1000

Thereafter £108 per 1000 run


  • Website generation (optional)

Design, launch and pay for a year’s subscription £1800


  • Social Media/SEO (optional)



  • Branding & Uniforms (optional)




Founder and Managing Director Natasha Safavi discusses how conditions assessments and face-to-face reporting hold the key to building a litigation-proof Repairs & Maintenance Structure.

Read the coverage here: hhtps//


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What Our Happy Clients Say?

“Thank you for coming in to see me, Its good to be able to talk to someone who listens.”

Feisal, Verdon Street

"Thank you for your help today, you've spurred me on to put my winter flowering pansies and the last of my daffodils and tulips in  my garden, just knowing there are some nice people out there."

Patricia, Booth Road

“No one has ever believed me. You're the only one who's used a damp meter to check.”

John, Park Grange View

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