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Our Work With your Customer

By consulting our service you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our communities.

- Our Survey Teams -

We are a Specialist Team with skills in Asset Management

Our Specialist Team are adept at dealing with Disrepair Claims including surveying, report writing and liaising with legal and construction colleagues.


Minor and major damp repairs cost millions each year, usually as a result of low quality reporting being communicated with repair teams. Specialist works requiring multiple skills such as timber infestations, rodent entry and floor replacement are difficult to determine on an assessment triage - our Team is trained to report largely unrecognised faults, leading to quality maintenance, and fewer repeating incidents

Key Surveying information our Specialist Team provides:

Acting as Supervising Officer to provide technical data using expertise on all aspects of building maintenance, building works and associated services

Undertaking Surveys in accordance with Disrepair Claims, creating reports to aid in work schedules, helping a cohesive approach to arranging works and liaising with legal colleagues

Aiding in the preparation of detailed specifications for allocated projects, providing information for preparatory, planning and monitoring work as necessary to meet the individual requirements of each project or scheme

Carrying out Professional Estimating and Quantity Surveying functions to help with a range of contractual obligations, including receipt of contract to submission and agreement of final accounts

Provision of specialist knowledge of damp and timber infestations. Disrepair and help in management of specialist works carried out in relation to this

Understanding the Legal landscape surrounding property management is a key specialty of Snap PR Consultants. Millions of pounds are spent each year owing to landlords & housing associations being under-equipped & misinformed when conducting mandated maintenance & repairs under legal requirement.

Reporting from Snap PR is concise & qualified. We provide the necessary information required by councils, landlords &  housing associations to perform long lasting, functional maintenance at a higher efficiency & without risk of further incident

Asset Management

We provide information to aid in the day-to-day maintenance of asset management and associated Health & Safety compliance. Quality surveying helps development of capital and planned maintenance works programmes, working with our reports, evidential data identifying structural defects, helping with structured responsive repairs, aiding with leasehold sales, boundary issues and residential improvements improves efficiency with no adjustment.

Surveying & Assessment

Structural defect surveying & repairs, dwelling sales, boundary disputes and tenant repairs.
Preparation & delivery of works packages by both internal and external contractors.
Stock condition, capital improvement, planned maintenance, responsive repairs surveying.
Quality control and after the event completion checks.

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Brand PR Consultancy

PR can be portioned off between methods of engagement. Snap PR uses several methods to campaign & derive key data, stats, customer engagement; usually only made available by employing harshly targeted, expensive campaigns

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Snap's team of professional agency partners operate within the greater Sheffield districts. We offer a seamless, professional service to reach individual goals or to canvass widely within a targeted area of choice

Graphic Design

Snap PRC derives its creativity from our team of professional media service providers. we work with you to create the most effective campaigns with unrivalled design capabilities.

Web Solutuions

Why not use our expertise to create a website targeted to your campaign. Clear, simple and concise, our web designers create effective sites with built-in SEO.

Networking & Events

Presentations, Talks, Video Clips, Testimonials, let our speakers and presenters deliver your message. 

Targeted Analytics

Hitting your KPI's and targets are made easier with our informative templates and usable data. We provide photographic evidence and we target according to the needs of the individual organisation.

Sale Branding
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